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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Secondary Training - Assessment of and for Learning - 25th September 2014

Please see below for the recommended reading, links and follow up tasks following your training on Thursday 25th September.

  • Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam (2011);
  • Pedagogy and Practice: Unit 7 Questioning by DfES (2004);
  • Pedagogy and Practice: Unit 12 Assessment for Learning by DfES (2004);
  • Inside the Black Box by Paul Black and Dylan William (1998);
  • Assessment for Learning by The Assessment Reform Group (1999);
  • The role of teachers in the assessment of learning by the Assessment Reform Group (2005);
  •  Assessment and Learning by John Gardner (2011);
  • Thinking Through Quality Questioning: Deepening Student Engagement by Jackie Walsh and Beth Sattes (2011)

  • None


  • Read around the issue, using the recommended reading above;
  • Plan the questions that you are going to use in a lesson to check and structure learning and progress.  Evaluate the clarity and challenge of each question, their timing and impact;
  • Plan an assessment for a class.  Consider the formative and/or summative elements of the assessment.  Map out the stages of the assessment from teaching to delivery to feedback and student response.  Evaluate the process and what you have learnt about individual student progress;
  • Reflect on the questions above whilst planning lessons and discussing progress with mentor.

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