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Thursday, 18 February 2016

Why teaching? Why Maths? Why the Wildern Partnership SCITT?

Tom and Harriet tell us why they chose to train in Maths.... 

"My enthusiasm for teaching was initially inspired by my own school experience in which I saw the vast impact teachers have on their pupils, both in and outside the classroom. I progressed through school with many inspiring teachers, above all in Mathematics. One particular teacher I remember was so passionate and eager to help us, turning some of the most complex of problems into their simple components with such ease. I give credence to her utmost dedication to us as students in inspiring my own enthusiasm for Mathematics. I now firmly believe an aptitude and ability for Maths is one of the most valuable contributions we can offer to future generations, and something of ever increasing importance in the current climate. The Wildern Partnership SCITT not only offers trainees the opportunity to learn whilst in the classroom, but the cross-phase training provides a further insight into different teaching practices across subjects and key stages, allowing us to find what suits us and really become our own teachers."

Harriet Kemish, Wildern Partnership SCITT, Maths trainee

"I chose to be a Maths teacher because I wanted to try and instil my passion for maths and numbers in the students. As a key skill any progress in the subject will have a lasting effect on the students lives and will open doors for them."

Tom Merriman, Wildern Partnership SCITT, Maths NQT 

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