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Sunday, 19 June 2016

Tales of a Trainee # DataGods

You re-join our heroic, and yet modest, artistically inclined hero as he nears the end of his training adventure.

So, what has happened since out last episode? I have continued to brave the wilds of secondary teaching, attempted to turn evocative and profound pieces of student work into data points to feed the remorseless and ever hungering Data Gods. I have consistently received insightful, high quality feedback from by placement school, reflected (boy, have I ever reflected…) and improved my practice.

I have attempted 2 assignments in tandem to this onslaught of planning/execution/reflection repeat, sourced evidence, written and planned a presentation on Barriers to Learning and continued to broaden my teaching studies with bespoke and targeted workshops back the Wildern Partnership SCITT batcave.

I have continually refined my practice over the last year, from which I now feel more comfortable in  the act of teaching, I have developed productive relationships with some of the hardiest students, and am now, with growing consistency, delivering engaging, high quality lessons which stretch and challenge the high flyers in my classes, yet have a built in provision for supporting those students who struggle, allowing all student the opportunity to succeed and progress.

My current status is shattered, on a molecular level, yet still engaged and excited to continue my practice in my NQT role next academic year. (Side note: all trainees in my cohort managed to achieve gainful employment before the last half-term, *high fives all round*)

I have about 4 more weeks of training placement at the time of writing, and I wont lie, I am ecstatic at the thought of the summer break to recuperate from this years onslaught, but that is tempered with an almost child like excitement to start again come September -  to ply my trade with a new cohort of students and to make a tangible difference to their education and with a bit of luck turn some in to life long Artists.

(For those who read my last missive, you will be pleased to know that the now almost urban legend like student, who was unsure of ‘how to mix red’ is still secure in his knowledge that you cannot actually mix red… Now, THAT’S teaching.)

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